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How to craft an effective argumentative essay

Argumentative Essay

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An argumentative essay is all about stating a position on a specific issue and providing a number of reasons for supporting that claim.

The purpose of such an assignment is to evaluate how critically you can approach the issue and how effectively you can express your thoughts and reflections. Your cognitive abilities get tested so the way you synthesize and analyze researched data is what needs to be demonstrated.

Here are several stages of writing an effective argumentative essay.

Choose a topic correctly

  • If you can choose a topic that you like, take advantage of this opportunity. Argument essay topics can be found everywhere. If you are interested in the subject, chances to write a quality essay are higher than if you write about something that you do not like or simply do not understand.
  • If the topic of a paper is given to you by your tutor by default, make sure to make substantial research and consult your mentor as much as possible. You can also ask for an argumentative essay example from your instructor.

Do the research

To begin with, write down everything you know about the subject and think of questions that occur to you. After that, start gathering information based on what’s unclear to you. Even if you have already made your mind up regarding the topic, make sure to study different points of view in order to analyze them, see the differences and make connections. To make a valid conclusion, you will have to learn the subject thoroughly. Find enough reasons, which can prove that your approach makes more sense than any other point of view.

Create an outline

Here is a typical outline of an argumentative essay:


  1. Introduction:Formulate the problem and grab readers’ attention by giving reasons why they might be interested to read further. Develop a thesis, which succinctly summarizes the main argument.


  1. Background:Give context details and list some central facts, which surround the claim.


  1. Argument:State your position, give your answer and back it up with what other people think of an argument. List the reasons for your position and provide several pieces of evidence to support it. This section will be the largest in your paper.


  1. Anticipating objections:Think of potential objections to your argument and provide reasons why other answers aren’t as valid or true as yours.


  1. Conclusion:Summarize all points previously stated and conclude why your position is the one to be supported. You may present hypotheticals while appealing to the reader’s emotions and morals. You can also urge the reader to accept your position and include a call for action.

Writing process

When the thesis is defined and the outline is created, the writing itself should be easy, since all you need to do now is to put your thoughts on paper according to your initial planning. After you’ve finished writing, it might be helpful to put away your essay for some time, define your thoughts and get back to your paper later for more efficient editing and proofreading.

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The argumentative essay requires quite a lot of time for research and writing. If you still struggle, you can find many examples of such type of paper online in order to see how it needs to be written.

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    How to craft an effective argumentative essay

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